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O.R.C.A : Opposite Reach Cocking Accessory

$69.99 $89.99

The ORCA is a LEFT HANDED cocking handle and integrated scope base.

It fits any Ruger 10/22,Takedown or Charger model.

NO alterations to the receiver.

Integrated single point sling mount.

installs with factory mounting screws.  

Allows mounting of any optic.

It will not interfere with right handed bolt operation. You can still cock with original handle.

It does NOT cycle while shooting.  Only used to cock gun.

No need to take eyes off of target or hand off trigger well.

It comes fully assembled and ready to install.

Note: as with any scope bases we suggest loctite on each screw for a secure platform.

Uses factory screws. NOTE: screws not included with this item

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