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BX1 double magazine kit

$14.99 $21.99

Buyer recieves 1 Each Clear Double Mag Kit which includes Double Mag Body and Tuner Kit for Ruger BX1 Classic Rotary Magazines.


You will need to disassemble TWO of YOUR magazines to create the MOST COMPACT storage of ammo for the Ruger 10/22 EVER MADE.


Easy to assemble using the included Tune Up and Assembly Kit. Watch the Video, IT'S EASY.


Using the original factory Ruger parts you create an ultra compact double mag with the legendary reliability of the Ruger Rotary BX-1.


You have a bunch of old mags laying around, put them back to new use with this kit!


Check the images, you can't carry this much ammo any other way!


40 Rounds in the space of 15!


60 Rounds in the space of 25!


30% smaller than two individual mags!


Depend on the reliability of Ruger Factory Mags, don't rely on aftermarket crap! Stick with the factory original 10/22 magazines and keep em running Top Notch!!!


Can use parts from any Ruger BX-1, Black or Clear

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