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22/45 SLAM Mag 

The 22/45 SLAM Mag by was designed specifically for the stubborn magazines in the 22/45 pistols. After replacing your basepad, you'll no longer have to strip the mag from the gun. Make a great gun even better with this simple upgrade.

*basepad only( magazine not included)

                                                                         Spur Racker                                                               
Tired of trying to clear a round or chamber a round and getting your fingers pinched? The answer is the Spur Racker! Machined from billet aluminum, the racker will not only last for years and years, it will not pull off or break under normal use. Simply twist it on your bolt and tighten the supplied screw and your ready to enjoy your pistol. These are great for children learning to shoot and for shooters with disabilities.
*Racker is ambidextrous
**Can only be used with factory tapered bolts(will not fit square faced) 


             22/45 Tall Mag Bumper                           22/45 +1 Mag Bumper

The 22/45 Tall Mag Bumper is designed to assist in magazine removal and to provide a more positive grip for people with large hands. A simple part to make your range day more enjoyable.

*Magazine not included

The tall +1 mag bumper is the same design as our Tall Bumper except this allows for 1 additional round in the magazine.

*Please know your local and state laws regarding magazine capacity laws. Blue Rooster Gun Accessories is not responsible for misuse of this product
**Magazine not included

MKIII 22/45 Pinky Extension

The MKIII Pinky extension is a replacement basepad that incorporates a small extension to allow for a better grip for those who have larger hands. Get a better grip in just a few minutes with this simply add on.

*Basepad only. Magazine not included