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Customer Testimonials

Spur Racker
"Installed it (spur) and used it at last Saturday night's match.  It worked great!  Love it.
I also won the match"
                                                                                                                   Harold P.                        

"Great stuff! Awesome improvement over factory setup. Love the front rail, no permanent changes to my gun needed. Thanks BR!"

Jeri C.
"The Spur racker is a great product to just chamber a round or to get a jam to clear. It also looks very cool. The 10/22 magazine bumpers are a great product to grab your mag so you will not have to dig to get your mag out. The Hogue grip is a great thing to have on your 22/45, it is comfortable and helps you control recoil. The 22/45 pinky extension is a great way to give your pinky a rest if you do not have a magwell. Also the gun snake is a great thing to have in your range bag of you need to give your gun a quick clean at the range just spray the brushes and pull through the barrel."
Zeb Hand,Blue Rooster sponsored shooter.

"I just received the 10/22 bumper I ordered. Excellent product, received promptly."

Jerry J.


"Today I had the chance to test the new forward rail mount and Accelerator on my MKIII 22/45 Lite and pleased is an understatement. The design is perfect for controlling recoil while shooting fast. The accelerator is a lot like the thumb rests I have on my center fire pistols with the exception of no permanent modifications were needed. Everything from the packaging to the ease of installation were perfect. This great product will definitely stay on my gun while I compete in rim fire steel matches. Thank you Richard P Stallings for providing such an essential product!

Matt "250" Dixon, Team Tactical Solutions